We’re iDreamDigital and we build

Affordable Websites
in Victoria

We’re iDreamDigital and we build

Affordable Websites
in Victoria

Websites from Victoria, BC

We’re a Victoria-Based web development studio building premium websites for affordable prices. We’ve been building websites in Victoria for 20 years.

We have website solutions for all budgets. Dare to dream of what your website could be with iDreamDigital.

Website design on Vancouver Island

We build, host, and maintain websites all over the world from right here on Vancouver Island. We’re proud to represent British Columbia and Canada through our work abroad but we’re most happy working with local businesses and institutions.

My name is Josh and I own iDreamDigital. Like yourself, I am lucky to call myself an Islander, and greatly appreciate the opportunity to help others thrive in our community.

Web Design & Development

Affordable premium websites for all budgets built here in Victoria, BC.

Web Application Development

We build, install, and maintain all manner of web applications from Victoria.

Maintenance & Updates

We can maintain your websites with updates & security patches, back-ups, and more.

Responsive Development

Websites that work just as well on a phone as they do on a desktop.

Websites built in Victoria, BC

A few examples of our work, built right here in Greater Victoria.